If you want to know about marketing concepts in simple words, then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to talk about marketing and its related concepts as much possible easiest words. This article will be useful for digital marketing learners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Good Marketing vs Good Product

What is more important: having a good marketing campaign or having a good product?

Ok, understand it in simple words:

Let’s assume, you are driving a four-wheeler.

Also assume your hands and legs as a good marketing campaign while eyes as a good product.

With the hands and legs (good marketing campaign) one would be able to drive a car from one place to another. With the use of eyes (good product) one would be able to drive safely.

But what will happen if your eyes are closed. Accident

Having a good marketing campaign for a bad product is the same as driving a car with eyes closed and accident is bound to happen in the long run.

(Here we are not included self-driving vehicles).

And what will happen if only eyes are open and legs and hands are not used – standoff

If good product is not assisted by good marketing campaign, the company growth would come to a halt.

If it comes to choosing one between the two, having a good product would be a priority to avoid any disaster but having the two together is almost essential.

What is actually “Good Marketing”?

Marketing is nothing but meeting needs profitably – Philip Kotlar

Good Marketing helps to know about the consumer need. A good marketing starts before making a product. It starts with understanding the consumers’ needs that eventually leads to making a product that fits and sells itself. Good Marketing is sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Good Marketing makes selling superfluous.

Take the example of Apple. Apple has found various ways to make its products advertise themselves. “Sent from my iPhone” email signature is one of those examples. Whenever anyone receives an email sent by an iPhone user, they’re greeted by this signature—unless the iPhone user decides to turn the signature off, and very few people do it. This signature works as an indirect iPhone ad. It tells people, “Your colleagues and friends have iPhones—why don’t you?”

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium through which a customer encounters a marketing message. Digital marketing refers to any form of marketing that takes place through digital channels, such as internet, email, or social media. Traditional marketing on the other hand, refers to any form of marketing that takes place offline, such as print advertisements, television commercials, or radio ads.

Which one is better?

It depends on the kind of product and the target customer as to what method would be better to use.

If your target audience does not use digital media on a regular basis or if they are older audience, then reaching out to them through traditional marketing methods like newspapers, radios, television, leaflet, magazines, etc. would be much more useful.

Digital marketing is probably the best option for most. If you want to reach a particular group of people, wherever they may be, while keeping costs low, go with digital marketing. Doing so will also allow you to collect valuable information on your audience immediately so that you can create even more effective marketing campaigns.

When considering which marketing strategy is best for your business, consider your audience, where they get their information from, and use that to make your decision. 

At the end, you must remember that a combination of both digital and traditional marketing, your marketing communication is bound to reach your target audience. Digital marketing is generally more cost-effective and can be more targeted, while traditional marketing can be more effective at reaching a larger audience. In these times, having an online presence of your business is becoming all the more very crucial for the growth of any business.

CATT Marketing Funnel and why it most necessary for digital marketing?

CATT Funnel

CATT – means Content, Attention, Trust & Transaction.

Content: Content is the presentation of any information to an audience for a purpose through a channel in specific format such as article, image, video, animation etc. The content should offer real value to the audience of your business. It can be educational, amusing, statistical, and other things. If they like video content then do so, if they like article posts then do blogs. Always remember you attract traffic to your content only if the content is in the form that audience likes.

Attention: Creating high-quality content will not be enough in today’s business landscape. You need to communicate this through paid advertising, SEO, social media, blog posts, and more. Customer attention needs to be drawn to your content.

Trust: Building trust means connecting with the audience that is regularly engaging with your content. Be honest with your audience which will eventually build trust. This will help in creating a long-term relationship with them. One of the methods of building trust is deep marketing where you send out communication which is much personalised based on who your target audience are so that each and every person feels like you are communicating with them directly to the point.

Transaction: Once you create the right form of content, get attention and gain the trust of the target audience, you are ready to encourage them to have a purchase/transaction with your product/service. This will make selling easier as the target audience would be well assured of the products/services that you can provide.

CATT Marketing funnel is the technique you can use to achieve your goals.

It is the secret to boost and market in your niche by applying CATT marketing funnel to create wealth.

Wealth = n^CATT

Here ‘n’ is niche and ^ denotes power.

Niche is the category/expertise/interest you are going to offer to your audiences. Your achievements and wealth depend on the niche you choose. We must choose a niche to those people who have some problems and you are going to solve their problems with your product/services.

CATT funnel is how your audience will go through with you in the entire journey.

Let’s see a visual representation of “what can be a good niche for your business”

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing is a method of engaging customers with your product/service that combines all the techniques used by a business for marketing digitally like SEO, Paid Ads, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. together and assist the customer along their journey from a visitor to loyal and advocacy.

How Integrated Digital Marketing works:

Personal Branding:

Personal branding is very important to build the trust and reputation among your audience. People love individual to individual communication rather than business to individual communication. Branding should be your key strategy if you want your business to grow.

The evolution of personal branding is achieved through these steps below:

Learn: Invest in learning a new skill through concepts, facts and procedures. Understand the concept, remember the facts and practice the procedures. Without learning a new skill, you cannot start your journey of creating a personal brand.

Work: Put your learned skills to work. Go from practice to implementation. Implementing it in real world will give you better understanding and experience When you practically implement the learnings, you show the world that you not only have the knowledge but are also capable of implementing that knowledge.

Blog: Write about what you have learned and experienced through your work. When you write, you not only understand it better, but in the process, you also built up your own personal brand.

Consult: Now that you have your personal brand through your blog, you now already have work experience and have learned the fundamentals, start consulting other business instead of working for them.

Instead of doing freelancing projects for them, you can tell people how it is done and you will get the authority only when your write the stuff as a blogger and you will be having a very clear understanding of the subject that you write.

Mentor: Mentor others who want to become like you. A good mentor is the one who has learned the skill, worked on it for years, wrote blogs or articles on it, consulted people about that specific skill, and then only started mentoring. Mentoring will take your understanding of the skill to a whole new level.

Start-up: The ultimate level in the evolution of a personal brand is starting your own unique product or service business with the understanding that you have developed over the years about the market, the problem, and your own skills and then launch it in the market.

It’s the never-ending circle of Learn-Work-Blog-Consult-Mentor-Startup which will help you in creating an impactful Personal Brand for life. 


So that brings us to the end of the article in which we talked about good marketing vs good product, what exactly is good marketing, difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing, CATT marketing funnel. I hope that you could now get a better picture of marketing and its related concepts after reading this article.

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