There was a little boy, who loved to draw landscapes. Most of the time of the day, the boy was busy to make his imagination world through his pencil and brushes. When his friends are busy in blasting Diwali crackers in the streets, he was busy with his pencil to make diwali scenery in his canvas. He gets his happiness from his creation.

           Slowly and steady, the boy learns computer graphics. He gets the basics from one of his neighbour, who was an expert animator. That time the boy got an opportunity to learn expert level training from a government sponsored scheme. The boy tried to learn tips and tricks using Internet also. With his enthusiasm to learning new skills and self belief the boy able to got job opportunities one by one.

One day the boy got the opportunity to work for a big super-speciality hospital as a digital marketing executive. His duties are to create branding and publicity graphics, social media graphics and manage social media channels. Without a second thought, he accepted the offer. It was his first step towards digital marketing. Due to job rule and responsibility his interest is increased for digital marketing. He tried to learn self learn from Google and Youtube. At the moment he got the opportunity to learn from one of the top Digital Marketer, entrepreneur, and author of India Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju (Digital Deepak). From his online internship program the boy got the proper knowledge of Digital Marketing with practical experience in a scientific way. After completing the internship, the boy started to get clients by applying his digital marketing learning in real life. He resign his 10-6 job and started to do fulltime freelancing. Once a landscape artist, now one of the top digital marketers of India, specialized in Healthcare sector. A graphic designer turned digital marketer who helps lots of entrepreneur to make their brands. 

It is my 2.0 version. I have strong believed in myself, very soon I am able to become this new version.

(This content is a part of Digital Deepak Internship Program)